Moving the Blog to DALANEL

I just wanted to say that this blog’s time is coming to an end very soon…but I shall still write the same content you have seen here. I’m moving the theme of this blog to my home blog DALANEL as that blog is a collection of all things in my life.

Here’s the link to DALANEL.

Some other things at that site include Daily Good Stuff where I post jokes, funny videos, funny images, good news, weird news, and inspirational quotes every day. That, and some other things going on in my life as it’s my personal blog.

So if you like what you’ve seen here. make the move to DALANEL and get the same content and more!

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God and the Choose Your Own Adventure Book

I like to think that sometimes our lives are like those “choose your own adventure” type books. If you don’t know what that type of book is, let me explain. In these books, you’re reading a story. So, in that sense, it’s like any other book. But, at the end of quite a few pages, the book asks you what you want the character to do. Most of the time, the character is you. Anyway, the book will ask you what you want to do and then it will tell you what page to turn to to continue the story.

An example would be, you are traveling a great distance to save the Princess of the kingdom that you are a part of. It’s a noble quest or whatever. Time is a factor. You reach a cave. You realize on your map that going in the cave would be a lot quicker but is more dangerous. You could also go around the cave but that would take 5 extra hours; hours you may not have. And then the book will weigh pros and cons of each path and then let you decide.

And I think, for the most part, that’s how our lives are. God is the author of our life. He has the best path for us to take in the book. But, in the end, we must decide for ourselves if we will go into the cave or around. God helps us along the way. If we know his voice, we’ll be able to make the right decisions. And understand that God may want some people to go in the cave and He’ll tell others to go around. It matters by His will and sometimes by what He feels we are capable of.

And so we don’t really want to say that God allowed certain (good and bad) things in our life to happen. All God did was write the book in accordance to the laws of nature. We then must turn the page of our destiny. In the end, we thank God and give him the praise he is due.

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Why We Should Love Others

It’s close to Valentine’s Day so I guess this is fitting. I’m going to share a couple of verses to you explaining why it is important to love others.

But first, some of my thoughts. Love is more of a verb than a feeling to me. You must make the choice to love someone. That “feeling” is often paired with hormones and such. You don’t always feel like loving your friend when he gets on your nerves.

Ha, God definitely chooses to love us. As much as we mess up? If he felt like loving, we’d be dead by now. He chooses to love us despite our mistakes. He loved us so much he decided to send His only Son to save us all. So, now that we know about love, let’s talk about it.

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Interpretations & Illustrations

I have a book out there that combines my two published works into one. Here’s the link to the book. It’s $15 vs the two books separate are $10 each. The content is the same although the layout looks a bit different. An example is my chapters “Jesus Swag” and “Keep Praying” were originally separated and I even have a note in the book saying why I separated them. But, in the new book, I just went on ahead and combined them. Other than that, the same stuff you would read in the separate books are smashed into one book.

What might end up happening is that I take the two books off the market and just have the one book.

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Unsaved Lives Better Than Saved?

Ever wonder why your life seemed like it got worse after accepting Jesus into your life? Well, you’re not alone. Look, it all starts with Jesus saying it first: Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.

That says two things. Let’s go over the first part “Here on earth you will face many trials and sorrows”. Another word used in a different translation is “Persecution”. Indeed, you will not have it easy. But why not? Well the point is this: threat level. Everybody has a certain threat level to the devil. He has a plan for this world. No, he will not succeed, but he’s still trying to get anything to work in his favor. He’s not going to spend all of eternity in hell by himself, so he’s going to try to drag us with him.

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The Devil Did Not Make You Do It

A lot of people like to put blame on others. We don’t like to own up to our mistakes. “Well if she didn’t get in the way, I wouldn’t have had to cuss her out!” We need to understand what kind of power Satan has over us. Are you ready for the answer? It’s…none. The devil has no power over us. The devil did not put a gun to your head and say “Cheat!” “Lie!” “Steal!”  He didn’t make us do anything.

The devil will try to tell you that you have no power. Why? Because the devil knows how powerful you are. God’s children are extremely powerful. We can do a lot of stuff. And it all comes down to faith. So, Satan attacks our faith. If he can keep us from realizing our potential, he can better carry out his plans. And please don’t think the devil doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s actually a genius. He studies us and detects our weaknesses and knows when to strike when we expose our soft side. We must always be careful and ready for his attack. The devil has always talked to us. Always trying to tempt us into doing things. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being tempted. Jesus was tempted at least three times. What Jesus judges is our actions. Did we carry out that temptation? We looked at that piece of candy and thought about stealing it. But that doesn’t get God angry. He’s waiting to see what you DO. If you walk away from the candy or buy it, God is pleased. If you do steal it, God is not pleased. Simple as that.

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Understand and Honor Jesus’ Sacrifice

We honor the men and women who died doing selfless acts. Those who died in war, others who died while pushing someone from in front a bus. We remember those people. We talk about how this person saved our lives, and now we owe them our lives.

Well some of these people don’t care about Jesus. But they should. And here’s why we all should: He made that same sacrifice for all of us. And yet, we have trouble giving respect to Him. Jesus saved us from eternal death. So why are people not really convinced that they should give their lives to Christ?

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